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We are so excited about 2017,  trying to bring People together and help those in need. Please help us and become a part of something great!

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Let us introduce you to Sahara’s Project!

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We’re a 100% non-profit organization that is totally dedicated to making sure that families can maintain a child’s therapy year round without interruption. Too many times much needed therapy is interrupted due to a limited amount of insurance funding. This causes lapses in a child’s development and often results in a family stopping therapy altogether…..That’s where Sahara’s Project can step in to help.

If a family is eligible, we are happy to provide temporary, assistance with occupational, physical and speech therapy until the insurance funding resumes. This is typically one session a week (1 hour for PT & OT / ½ hour for ST) at absolutely no cost to the family. Although our primary source of funding comes from private and corporate donations, a huge part of our continued growth and ability to offer this is built around the relationships that we develop with the families that we help. The only thing that we require from each new Sahara’s family is that they in some way give back so that they, in turn, can help the organization as a whole. It can be as simple as helping at an event or helping to spread the word. This interaction not only increases each family’s core value but benefits the community too. Every penny that Sahara’s Project raises goes directly towards helping a child and every family that “gives back” in their own special way helps each of those pennies go further towards helping other children.

If we can be of help to a family that you know of in need, please pass this on. To find eligibility applications or just to find out more about us, take a look around the site or give us a call!

Thanks so much / Help us give / Watch us grow!